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Words are living things. We always create what we speak.


When I read this very sad story, I immediately thought about what the responses to this tragedy were going to be. Many people will use this to confirm their beliefs that the flu shot actually causes influenza, or that the flu shot is totally useless.  

I grieve for this child and many others who die or have died in the past from infectious diseases. In my opinion, there is nothing harder to deal with than the death of a child.  I could not imagine going through this personally. I have held many parents’ hands and cried with them as they dealt with the loss of their child(ren).  

It is so easy to jump to conclusions. And yet, we must remember that there may be many reasons something like this can happen.  

Many people are born with immune systems that are compromised and susceptible to certain illnesses and diseases. They may look very healthy on the outside, but still be at risk. Unfortunately, we do not know unless we test these people because there is usually “no justifiable reason” to test them from a medical/insurance perspective.  

Some people do not build immunity to vaccines. When I was in residency, I, and all my fellow residents were required to get the Hepatitis B vaccines. After the vaccines were administered, we were all tested to make sure we had mounted a response and were immune. There were at least three people in our group of residents who did not respond the first time, but did mount a response the second time the vaccines were administered. I also know that of cases where the person never showed a positive response to the vaccine and simply did not get it anymore.  Of course, we do not test to see who does and does not respond to the influenza vaccine. 

Sometimes a person’s immune response can be so strong that it can become hyper-responsive when exposed to certain illnesses. (Cytokine Storm). It is not the virus that kills them; it is the result of their immune reaction to the infection; so much inflammation that it overwhelms the system.  

It is tempting to try to simplify everything, but not everything is simple. So all we can do is what we can do to stay well and thank God when we make it through the flu season or other epidemics.  

As all of you know, I recommend getting the influenza vaccine. In addition to that, I strongly recommend keeping your vitamin D 25 OH level in the optimal range at all times, but especially during the winter months. I have already outlined other measures to take which I think will help keep you healthier during the influenza season.  

Nevertheless, I still believe that the decision to do any or all the above is totally the individual’s. That is why I do not get into arguments with anyone about things like these. I know all too well the complexity of the human body and circumstances. I also know that most of the time we are only given snapshots of what is actually going on.

February 1st, 2014
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